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User agreement

City.Travel website is designed for the purposes of assisting clients in searching for and gathering information about travel, determining of travel associated services provided by relevant suppliers, booking and/or purchasing such services, and for no other purposes. City.travel website and/or “City.Travel” mobile application for iOS/Android (hereinafter, “the Website”) represent a computer appliance that provides clients with a facility for independent purchasing or booking of air travel, rail travel, hotel accommodation or other services using an automated remote system.

Terms “we”, “us”, “our” and “City.travel” relate to City Travel Ltd. Terms “you”, “your” and “Client” relate to a user visiting the Website and/or receiving a service through our Website. Term “Supplier(s)” relates to organisations providing air travel; rail travel; hotel, hostel, apartment or other types of accommodation, or other supplementary services in a principal or agency capacity, with which City.travel has entered into an agency agreement for the provision of relevant services.

We offer for your approval without any changes all terms and conditions set out below (hereinafter, “the Agreement”). Please, read this Agreement carefully. If you do not accept all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, please do not use the Website. The Agreement comes into force from the moment of expression of the Client's consent by opening any page or using any service of our Website. We reserve the right to modify and/or supplement this Agreement at our discretion without prior notice at any time. The continued use of the Website means your agreement with possible updates and changes that may be made to the Agreement.

Terms of Use

In accordance with the terms of use of our Website, you acknowledge that:

  • You are 18 years of age, are legally competent, are legally qualified, have the legal right to enter into a contractual relationship with City.travel, and will use the Website in accordance with this Agreement;
  • all information provided by you is true, accurate, current and complete; when booking and purchasing services for third parties on behalf of whom you have the right to carry out these actions, you must inform these persons of all conditions, rules and restrictions of the chosen fare, as well as all possible changes related to the reservation/purchase made;
  • When booking and purchasing services for yourself and/or others, you agree not to duplicate reservations and orders.

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to deny access to the Website and to the services we offer at any time and without explanation, due but not limited to violations of this Agreement.

Terms of service

City.Travel provides service of reservation (a fixation of a passenger seat to carry a passenger, or a baggage for a certain flight and date on an aircraft) with issuance of an airline ticket according to the rules of Air carriers.

The funds received by City Travel in payment for the airtickets of Carriers are the property of the Carriers.

The entire responsibility for air carriage shall be laid upon the airlines performing such transportation.

The service is considered provided apon providing client the electronic ticket or Airline’s PNR number (for regular flights) or voucher (for charter flights).

Refunds and Returns of airticket are processed in accordance with Air Carriers’ rules and fares and performed by City.Travel as separate services.

Refund of airtickets is carried upon transfer of respective calculated amount from Aircarrier/supplier to City.Travel.

City.Travel holds the right to charge service fee for performing the refund service from the amount of money reimbursed to the client by the Carrier.

Denial of responsibility

Information and software published on this Website may contain some inaccuracies and errors. In particular, City.travel does not guarantee 100% accuracy and is not responsible for incompleteness or inaccuracy of information (in particular, the availability of seats under chosen fares, hotel rooms, airline statistics) and description of any service on our Website that is provided by our Partners and Suppliers

City.travel shall not be liable to the Client in the event of full or partial inoperability of the Website or its components for any time, or in the event of the Client's inability to access the system, or in the event of any indirect or direct costs incurred by the Client in connection with these circumstances. City.travel can make corrections and changes to our Website at any time.

All information provided on this Website, software, description of the services provided by the relevant Suppliers are provided on an as-is basis, without any guarantees. City.travel is not responsible to the Client for the quality and security of communication channels used by the Client when using the Website, or for any damage caused to the Client as a result of using low-quality or unsecured computer systems and communication channels.

City.travel does not guarantee the quality, volume, timeliness and performance of the services provided by the Suppliers and ordered by the Client through the Website, and shall not be liable for a refund of any money and shall not reimburse any indirect or direct costs of non-compliance with service rules by the Supplier, including but not limited events of any delay, carryover or flight cancellation, excess booking, strike, force majeure circumstances, no receipt of cash as a result of actions (or inaction) on the part of payment systems, credit and/or banking organisations, as well as any other reasons beyond the direct control of City.travel. City.travel has the right to engage third party organisations, including those located in the territory of where the Client makes their claim, in order to provide Clients with consulting and information services in relation to search, reservation, purchase, payment, exchange, refund, cancellation of services and other matters. At the same time, the cooperation with such an outside organisation by City.travel does not mean that City.travel operates in the country and/or region of the location of that third party organisation, and does not mean that the third party organisation represents City.travel. City.travel is not liable for losses incurred by the Client as a result of using the Website, ordering services through the Website, as well as actions (inaction) of Suppliers and other third parties.

City.travel is not responsible for ignorance and/or non-compliance with applicable laws by Clients, Suppliers and any third parties. Clients bear their independent responsibility for the acquaintance of and compliance with the effective norms, including, but not limited to, the norms of applicable legislation, international treaties, rules established by Suppliers, including on the issues of providing information and documents required by Suppliers for the provision of booked and/or paid services or the payment therefor, changes to the volume of services provided, cancellations and refunds.

To the extent that despite the restrictions above, City.travel acknowledges responsibility for damages or losses that have arisen and are in any way related to any of the cases described above, under no circumstances the liability of City.travel shall exceed in aggregate the agent's remuneration for rendering services on behalf of the relevant Supplier or one hundred euros (EUR 100) or the equivalent in local currency at the rate of the Central Bank of the country.

External links

To the extent that any part of the City.Travel site contains links to other websites, it should be understood that such links are provided for reference purposes only. We do not control such websites and are not responsible for their content. We recommend that all possible precautions are taken before using other websites.

Travel abroad

The Client agrees to assume all responsibility for the preparation of all necessary documents for the trip, guarantees the correctness and completeness of the documents required for departure and arrival, as well as for a transit flight along the whole route, the availability of any necessary visas, valid passports, powers of attorney or other documents. City.travel is not responsible for ignorance or non-compliance by the passenger with all necessary requirements of the country of departure and the country of arrival. Before buying and travelling, make sure you have all the necessary documents and visas. For more detailed information, please visit http://www.iatatravelcentre.com/ and read the information provided on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country which you are a citizen of.

When purchasing tickets for international destinations, City.travel does not guarantee that travel in certain areas is safe. City.travel is not responsible for damages or any losses that may arise as a result of such a trip.

Booking, buying, exchanging and refunding tickets for scheduled flights

Before buying a ticket, you must familiarise yourself with the terms of the IATA agreement http://www.iatatravelcentre.com/tickets, requirements of the current legislation, as well as the fare rules, the terms of refunds and exchange of the chosen service/fare available on the official website of the airline. Fare rules set by airlines are displayed on the order page in the form in which they are provided by the global distribution system and the airline. In case of publication of the fare rules, including in the English language, you agree to comply with the rules, conditions and restrictions imposed by the Supplier from which you purchase the product or service. You understand that any violation of the Supplier's rules may lead to the cancellation of the reservation and the refusal to provide the goods or services without refunding the costs incurred. The fact of your purchase means your acceptance of all relevant terms, rules and limitations imposed by the Supplier.

When making an order you must enter only valid and complete data. Please note that due to the specifics of the operating principles of global distribution systems and systems of booking Suppliers, changes to the data of any of the passengers in the booking is frequently prohibited. Any change can lead to the order/ticket cancellation, and the refund will be possible only in accordance with the rules of the selected fare, as provided by the Supplier.

Please note that at the time of check-in some Suppliers may require presenting the bank card with which the purchase was made.

You assume all possible risks and expenses related to your actions under which errors and inaccuracies can be made by placing an order, changing or cancelling it, and refunding the cost.

The supplier can unilaterally and without notice cancel the reservation or the order issued upon detection of "double booking" (where more than one reservation is made per specific client for the same flight for one or several dates). In order to avoid double-booking, we recommend that you cancel any existing duplicate reservations before purchase and do not create new ones after placing the order.

In case of violating the procedure for using flight segments in a ticket issued on one form, the Supplier has the right to cancel the reservation for the subsequent flight segments of the route or the return flight. A flight segment is part of the flight route which includes one direct flight between two points. The violation of the procedure for using flight segments is the purchase of a ticket on a route that includes several flights, and the use of only part of the specified route at the option of the Client. Non-arrival for flight registration ("no-show") for multi-segment tickets by the Client is recognised as a procedure violation by the majority of Suppliers, and the Supplier reserves the right to withdraw bookings from all subsequent flights.

In the case of booking flights regardless of the direction and/or regardless of the presence or absence of multi-destination flights, air tickets can be issued on different forms. In this case, we draw your attention to the fact that different fare rules and conditions may be imposed by the Suppliers to each direction, including, but not limited to, different baggage allowances, conditions for changing/refunding the order. In case of order exchange/refund, the Client shall request change/refund of the order shall be made for each air ticket. The fare rules are applied to each air ticket separately. In the event of cancellation or change of the flight date by and on the initiative of the Supplier, the Client may be offered an alternative option for booking or a refund of the ticket at the Supplier's discretion and only for the flights issued within the same air ticket. Flights for unaccompanied minors, passengers who are not able to move independently, passengers who are blind and/or deaf, women in final months of pregnancy should be booked and processed only in the offices of the airlines or their representatives; hotel bookings for the listed Clients can be limited.

Voluntary (on the user's initiative) exchange or refund is made according to the rules of the selected fare on which the order was made and air tickets were issued by the Supplier. Please note that according to the fare rules, the Supplier has the right to withhold a fine or charge an additional fee according to the rates if the class selected for the exchange has no seats at the original fare.

Upon full or partial refund of the ticket, the agent's fee is not refundable, including in cases of involuntary ticket refund (flight cancellation by the airline, illness or passenger’s death). The involuntary refund is performed only after a confirmation by the Supplier (airline) on the electronic letterhead of which the air ticket was originally issued.

In case your ticket was not used, City.Travel reserves the right to refund the ticket in accordance with the fare rules established by the airline. The payment for an unused ticket is returned to you after contacting City.Travel and in the same way as the original payment was made with a deduction of the service fee.

City.travel does not guarantee the quality and performance of the services provided by Suppliers, does not bear responsibility for the actions/inaction of Suppliers that lead to, among others consequences, aircraft replacement, changes to the timetable, transfer of passenger for transportation by another carrier, modification or cancellation of the current fares, cancellation of the reservation or change in the terms of its validity, cancellation of flights, flight delays, failure to secure connections at transfer airports, loss of luggage or personal belongings of passengers, disability.

Booking, purchase, exchange and refund of air travel on charter flights

Charter flights and group-block places on regular flights offered by City.Travel are marked with a special "charter flight" mark during the search and booking process and have different fare rules fixed by the Supplier - tour operator/charter holder/flight customer or aviation broker. When buying charter flights, City.Travel produces timely booking of seats in the right direction and transfers funds to the Supplier as payment for the flight. The Client is provided with a route ticket for a charter flight, confirming the right to fly to the chosen destination on the specified date. The Supplier reserves the right to change the flight programme, including departure time, airport within the same city, airline and aircraft type. Ticketing and the assignment of technical numbers of electronic tickets are made by the Supplier in advance (not less than 10 hours) of the departure. The right to the charter flight guaranteed by a route ticket for the charter flight is not subject to refund, exchange for other dates and does not allow for other changes, including in cases of sickness, death, visa refusal and other cases due to the actual costs incurred by the Supplier and regardless of the presence of the passenger on board the aircraft.

Some charter flights do not provide the technical ability to complete online check-in through the airline's website, so the passenger must check-in for the flight directly at the airport of departure.

The passenger must confirm the flight schedule before departure. Information about changes to the flight programme is sent to the Client by E-mail and SMS.

Attention! Be aware that City.Travel is not responsible for non-delivery or late reading of these alerts.

Rules for purchasing combined flights consisting of separate flights

When selecting a combination of flights with a transfer between different airlines, the Client agrees with the issuance of air tickets for separate independent flights. After the payment of the order, the Client receives separate electronic tickets for flights participating in the route. The rules for carrying luggage, exchanging and refunding individual tickets may differ and are established by the carrier airline.

To obtain boarding passes, the Client should check-in for each the flight by each ticket.

When combination flights are formed, City.Travel takes into account the transfer time (at least 3 hours within the same airport, and at least 5 hours at different airports in the same city), however takes no responsibility for the cases of failed transfers due to passenger's fault, due to late arrival for the flight and in cases of delay/cancellation of flights in the flight route chain.

The passenger is required to independently clarify visa requirements of the countries and airports of transfer. In most cases, information on visa requirements is available on airport websites and may depend on whether is checked-in luggage as well as on terminals of departure/arrival.

For more information on visa requirements, please use the following link:


Cost of changing / refunding tickets for scheduled flights

There are no service fees or other additional hidden fees within the limits of the prices published on the Website when booking and purchasing services. In the event that after the purchase the Client needs additional services concerning the refund, exchange or corrections in the ticket, the cost of such services consists of airline fees included in the fare rules, as well as service charges of City.Travel. The amount and terms of the Suppliers' fees are set by the Suppliers and are available for review at the booking stage and prior to payment for the order. City.Travel does not have the ability to reduce or change the Supplier fees.

When contacting service companies that provide support to the Clients of City.Travel, the fees are calculated as at the time of the request and may change in future (change of time before departure, the departure has taken place, exchange rates fluctuations, a no-show at the hotel, check-in has started and other occasions).

In addition to fees charged by Suppliers/airlines/hotels, fixed service fees are charged by and are payable to City.Travel according to the following tariffs:

  • Fee for ticket refund is set at the rate of 30 EUR for each travel document.
  • Fee for the exchange of air tickets is set at the rate of 35 EUR for each travel document.
  • Fee for assistance with an involuntary refund is set at the rate of 50 EUR for each travel document.
  • Fee for entering edits in the ticket reservation system is set at the rate of EUR 10 for each travel document.
  • Fee for technical cancellation of the ticket (void) is set at the rate of 10 EUR for each travel document. The minimum amount of the order is 15 EUR.
  • Fee for re-issuing flight ticket is set at the rate of 35 EUR for each travel document. At the same time, airlines reserve the right to collect additional fees according to their own rules.

In case of servicing in a different currency, the Central Bank conversion rate applies as at the date of the payment. When making an edit, additional information is entered into the airline reservation system which becomes available to the airline and airport employees upon check-in. The flight ticket is not reissued in this instance. Technical cancellation (void) is possible only on the day of purchase of the flight ticket subject to a technical possibility and no direct prohibition from the airline. If there is no technical possibility and/or permission from the airline, ticket refund is possible strictly according to the fare rules.

Involuntary refund/exchange of air tickets for scheduled flights

In accordance with international aviation regulations, in a number of cases the Client has the right to contact the airline and/or agent regarding involuntary refund/exchange of flight tickets for scheduled flights. If the reason is valid, the full cost of the ticket can be refunded regardless of the fare rules.

The list of instances giving rise to the right of involuntary refund or, where possible, involuntary exchange of the ticket, is established by the airline. The most common reasons are:

  • Flight cancellation
  • Significant flight delay
  • The absence of seats available (overbooking)
  • Hospitalisation at the time of the flight and serious illness incompatible with air travel
  • Death of passenger
  • Refusal of a visa to by the country of destination or transfer (if a visa is required for the transfer)

The decision to allow the agent to carry out an involuntary ticket refund requires mandatory approval by the airline. Terms that oblige the airline to make a decision to allow or refuse an involuntary refund within a certain timeframe are not regulated by agency or other agreements with airlines.

In the event of cancellation/delay of the flight, as well as the absence of seats on the flight (overbooking), a simplified procedure for agreeing to refunds and exchanges is followed; however, when contacting City.Travel, the client must provide documentary evidence of the delay/cancellation/absence of seats. Such evidence may include a mark on the electronic ticket made by the airport of departure or an airline representative.

In cases where the Client makes an involuntary ticket refund claim based on other reasons (hospitalisation, death, visa refusal), they must notify specialists at City.Travel by writing a comment in the Personal account area or by calling the support team. A specialist of the Involuntary Refunds Team at City.Travel will provide information on further actions and requirements of the airline to the documents to be provided.

City.Travel takes no responsibility and does not refund the service fee in the case of a negative decision made by the airline.

Hotels: Booking, payment, changes and cancellation

For the purposes of this Agreement, the term "Hotel" includes a room in a hotel, hostel, apartment, villa and other types of accommodation for the client's stay. Within the framework of this Agreement, the concepts of "Hotel" and "Supplier" are not identical. Before booking the Hotel on the Website, please familiarise with the terms of the agreement, as well as with the fare rules, conditions for changing and/or cancelling the reservation and refunding the cost of the Hotel booking which is displayed at the time of booking and/or payment for the Hotel. Information about the Hotels displayed on the Website, including rules for the application of rated, is presented in the form in which it is provided by the relevant Supplier.

The Client makes a Hotel reservation on the Website taking into account the number of guests, the suitable dates of arrival and departure and other required characteristics. By making a reservation the Client confirms their acquaintance and agreement with the rules and conditions of accommodation at the Hotels as established by the Supplier and indicated on the Website.

The client is responsible for the correct and timely provision of reliable information and documents required for the booking of the Hotel.

The cost of booking the Hotel is indicated on the Website on the day of booking and is set by the relevant Supplier. In the event that booking for a particular Hotel requires prepayment in accordance with the Supplier's rules, it must be made at the time of booking; otherwise, the reservation will not be made.

Any additional services not included in the booking price can be provided by the Supplier to the Client for an additional fee set by the Supplier. The Client undertakes to independently contact the Supplier regarding the provision of additional services.

Upon completion of the booking process, you will receive the order confirmation with booking details, including reservation reference number on the Website and reservation reference number of our partner.

The accommodation of the Client(s) at the Hotel is made in accordance with the rules of the Hotel. The accommodation provider is not liable for non-compliance by the Client(s) with the prescribed order of accommodation.

City.travel is not responsible for the quality, timeliness and/or volume of services provided by the Hotel Suppliers. If a change to the hotel booking is required, the Client cancels the booking and makes a new booking on the terms established by the relevant Supplier. All issues related to change and cancellation of the Hotel booking, as well as a refund of booking costs after completion of the reservation process, are required to be settled strictly through the support team of City.travel or through the tools of the post-sales services, including through the personal account area on the Website.

In the case of the reservation cancellation, rules established by the Hotel Suppliers shall apply. In such a case, the Client is obliged to settle all fines and charges established by the Hotel Suppliers in full, on both refundable and non-refundable stay. If in the case of independent and direct resolution of the cancellation issue by the Client with the Hotel the Hotel decides to return the cost of the reservation, the decision of the relevant Supplier will prevail. The Hotel's decision does not mandate a review of the rules for booking cancellations by City.travel, including revision of refund amounts provided by the Supplier as a result of the cancellation of the corresponding reservation. City.travel is not responsible for decisions made by the Hotel regarding the refund of the cost of the reservation. In the case of cancellation of the reservation, City.travel is guided solely by the rules established by the Supplier.

In case of non-arrival of the Client(s) to the Hotel within 24 hours from the expected date of arrival, the Hotel reservation is cancelled and applicable penalties are imposed by the Supplier.

Additional services

You can book and/or pay for additional services provided by the Suppliers and/or City.travel on the Website. The procedure for providing additional services is governed by the rules of the relevant Supplier or by the rules of City.travel, accordingly. Please read these rules before ordering additional services. Both Suppliers and City.travel, reserve the right to unilaterally change the procedure for providing additional services. Continued use of the Website and the ordering of additional services means your acceptance of these rules.

The Client is responsible for:

  • The use of additional services;
  • Reliability of data required for the booking of additional services;
  • For all claims made by the Supplier and/or third parties in connection with the use of additional services.

The company is not responsible for:

  • Any losses caused to the Client as a result of booking and/or purchasing, as well as the use of additional services;
  • The quality, volume and/or timeliness of the additional services provided by the Supplier;
  • For the delivery of SMS notification. The operator of mobile connection is responsible for the timely delivery of the SMS notification.

City.Travel receives remuneration both for the independent provision of relevant additional services, and for the provision of relevant additional services on behalf of the Suppliers.

The Client can familiarize himself/herself with the rules of return and exchange of the Aeroexpress service at: https://aeroexpress.ru/aero/info/rules.html

The Client has the right to refuse the online check-in service:

  • at any time prior to the execution of the Application;
  • from a partially rendered Service, in which case the amount paid by the Client is subject to recalculation, and the Client has the right to demand the return of a part of the funds;
  • in case of poor quality of service, sending a written claim to CIty.Travel.

The company has the right to request additional information from the client for check-in and the client must provide it. In case of refusal to provide the information, the company has the right to refuse to provide the service. In this case, a refund for the service is not permitted.

The client has the right to demand a refund from City.Travel, transferred by mistake.

To return the funds credited to the City.Travel account through payment systems, the Client must contact the Contractor with a written application with a copy of the passport and checks / receipts confirming the crediting. This application must be sent to City.Travel. After receiving a written application with a copy of the passport and checks / receipts, City.Travel will refund up to 10 (ten) business days from the date of receipt of the Customer’s application. Refunds are made to the client’s current account indicated last in his application. Refunds will be made to the Customer’s bank card specified in the application within 10 (ten) working days from the date of receipt of the application for the refund of City.Travel funds. The term for consideration of the application and refund of funds to the Client begins to run from the moment City.Travel receives the Client's application and is calculated in business days excluding holidays and weekends.


CITYTRAVEL LTD is eligible to independently define an order cost, despite the original ticket cost defined by the airline, including discounts and extra charges.

The cost of the product/service is indicated on the order confirmation page in the currency of the Supplier or its representative. The specified amount is blocked on the client's bank card in the currency of the selected product or service. Within a few days after issuing the ticket, the Supplier or its paying agent initiates the withdrawal of funds previously blocked on your bank card. In case of a mismatch between the Supplier's currency and the currency of your bank card, your bank can make a conversion at its internal rate that does not coincide with the rate indicated on our Website or with the rate of the Central Bank of the country of which the bank that issued your card is a resident. We recommend that you clarify the internal rate of your bank and the amount of possible commissions related to the transaction for the payment for services, including commission rates for currency conversion, with representatives of your bank before making a purchase. The Client confirms that they have received the relevant information and agree with the final cost.

If you use a bank card that does not belong you, you must obtain written consent to purchase directly from the owner (holder) of the bank card.

After cancellation or refund of either a flight ticket, hotel accommodation reservation or other services, the funds due for refund will be credited to your card/account in the period between 3 to 30 working days, regardless of the validity period and status of the card and according to the rules of your bank and Visa and MasterCard international payment systems.

In the event of a refund of the cost of services paid directly to the Supplier, funds due for refund will be credited to your card/account in the period between 3 to 60 working days.

We do not store your bank card details. The process of ordering takes place completely automatically and without human participation. The transmission protection is confirmed by a 256 bit SSL certificate from Digicert. Our Website fully meets the security standards of Visa and MasterCard international payment systems (PCI Compliance).

In case of a doubt about the legitimacy of payments for tourist services made with bank cards and other methods of payment, City.travel reserves the right to request any documents confirming the rights and authority to make payments, as well as other evidence of the legality of payment transactions from the buyer.

For the purposes of prompt reaction and suppression of possible fraudulent activities associated with making payments, a telephone call and/or an e-mail inquiry made using the contact details specified when booking services is regarded as the official request of the company.

In case of a failure to provide or untimely provision of requested information and documents, the company reserves the right of unilateral cancellation of any paid tourist services and is released from any financial or other types of liability.

Confidentiality and personal data

Сity.Travel constantly improves the methods of protecting and preserving the confidentiality of personal data of Clients, not excluding the Clients’ credit card data. The following privacy conditions apply to all services provided by City.Travel online or by any other means, without exception. On their part, when making a reservation, the Client accepts the terms of this agreement and agrees to the further processing of personal data for the purposes of booking.

City.Travel uses the Client's personal data exclusively for the following purposes:

  1. For booking tickets and hotel rooms using the services of the City.Travel Website.
  2. For subsequent evaluation of their hotel room or the use of the services of air and railway companies booked through the services of the City.Travel Site and the subsequent posting of this rating on City.Travel or on similar media platforms by the Client.
  3. To send out current marketing information about the products of City.Travel and its partner companies.
  4. If necessary, City.Travel may also use personal data of the Clients to identify various unlawful acts aimed at harming the company.

Personal data that the City.Travel requests include:

  1. Surname and name of the client
  2. Sex
  3. Type, number, validity period of the identity document of the Client and other persons in respect of whom the client makes an order through the Website
  4. Client’s email address
  5. Client’s contact phone number
  6. Credit card information used to pay for the order
  7. Other information provided by the client to specify any requests when making a reservation

All of the above information is required for the correct reservation. City.Travel is also able to process information about the computing device using which the Client wishes to make a reservation, namely the IP address, browser, unique device identifier (only for mobile device users), operating system and location. Although the above data does not identify the user, it can nevertheless be categorised as personal data individually or in aggregate. In this case, the stated data is processed in accordance with data protection laws.

Provision of personal data to third parties

City.Travel can transfer personal data of the Client only in the following cases:

  1. Personal data or a part thereof shall be transmitted to the party that provides the reservation. This action is necessary to complete the booking. As a rule, the party that provides the reservation requires to obtain the following personal data of the Client: name, contact information and credit card details. No other personal data, beyond what is needed to complete the booking, is transferred.

    After completing the booking, the Client can give their consent to receive a form to fill out the guest's review. The Client can leave their review anonymously. When completing a review, the Client gives their consent to the posting of this review on the information pages of the party making the booking located on the City.Travel Website, as well as on other platforms similar to this Website that are wholly or partly owned or operated by City.Travel and its partners. The purpose of posting the review is to provide visitors with information about the level and quality of service.

    The company has the right to delete or withdraw reviews without notifying the Client. All feedback forms are provided only for polling purposes and do not contain any offers or invitations.

  2. Client personal data can be transferred to parties providing information and consulting support to Clients (call centres, consulting, legal and other companies)
  3. Personal data can be transferred to the data processing system

    Experts of City.Travel periodically turn to third parties, namely systems for data processing. Therefore, for the purposes of the transferring of information about the booking City.Travel can use service providers. In such cases, third parties enter into agreements concerning rules for information processing and confidentiality.

  4. Competent authorities

    Personal data may be disclosed or communicated to government and investigative authorities according to the law in force if these authorities request this information upon an investigation, trial or by court order. Further, City.Travel reserves the right to disclose personal information in order to prevent a criminal act.


Сity.Travel strictly monitors the implementation of all actions to prevent unauthorised access to the Client personal data.

Relevant information procedures, technical and physical restrictions on access to the use of personal information were introduced and actively applied to protect the personal information trusted to the company.

Access to personal information of the Clients is available only to employees of City.Travel and companies providing information and consulting support services to Clients and that have the special rights required for the performance of their duties.

Control of personal data

The Client can always check the presence of their personal information in the City.Travel database by sending an e-mail address of the technical support service of the Website.

Please indicate that the letter contains a request for the receipt of personal information in the subject line.

Similarly, in case of an error in their personal data, the Client may request to make changes by sending a letter to the e-mail address of the technical support service of the Website.

Further, by sending a email to the technical support service, the Client may request to remove their personal data from the database.

If required, City.Travel has the right to change the way that cookies are used, as well as ways to collect, transfer and process personal data and other similar information.

Final provisions

You agree to defend and hold City.travel and its employees harmless from any claims, requests, losses, damages, fines and other expenses of any nature (including but not limited to accounting and legal expenses) against third parties in the event of a breach this Agreement, any law and/or the rights of third parties by you.

The use of the Website is unlawful in any jurisdiction that does not recognise all the terms of this Agreement. By accepting this Agreement and using our Website, you agree that there is no joint venture, partnership or employment relationship between you and City.travel.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree that you are liable for any claim arising out of or in connection with your access to the Website or the use of the Website for 3 (three) years from the date of receipt of the claim.

If any part of this Agreement is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and applicability of the remaining provisions shall remain in effect. Our refusal or delay in the implementation of any provision of this Agreement at any time does not invalidate our right to apply the same or any other provision of this Agreement in the future.

By visiting and using the Website you agree that the services provided by CITYTRAVEL LTD are provided in the territory of the Republic of Seychelles.

All disputes arising between the client and CITYTRAVEL LTD are subject to settlement in the judicial authorities of the Republic of Seychelles and in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Seychelles.

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